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Small electrical problems can cause strange things to happen in your house. Thankfully, our team is efficient at troubleshooting electrical issues.

Call us immediately if you notice the following: tripping breakers, burning smells, warmth around the electrical panel, or scorch marks around an outlet.

We can also quickly fix issues with loss of power or outlets that aren't working.


Most of our calls are resolved within 1-2 hours, which makes it more affordable for you, although there are exceptions.

Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to protect your home is by using a series of lights around the outside. 

Most homes have some type of outdoor lighting on their home, and can be easily updated to motion, dusk to dawn, or surveillance type fixtures. Additionally, if access is can be obtained, additional lights can be added to other locations on the home which eliminates dark spots and improves security. 

A plug-in light can be plugged directly into a power outlet. This works best if you have an outlet that is secure and that the cord will not come loose.

Solar-powered lights collect energy from the sun’s rays during the day through a series of panels. Those panels then produce the power needed to keep your lights active at night. A battery is needed for each light. This works best if you can get the lights positioned to where they can collect enough light during the daytime.

Interior Lighting

We all know how important lighting is for creating a beautiful, functional space. The right lighting can help to promote productivity and it can also make us feel relaxed and comfortable; it helps define spaces and draws people together.

And then there’s the simple fact that light fixtures can end up being a major focal point in a room — it’s no wonder that pulling a lighting scheme together can feel a touch daunting!

We install can lights, recessed lights, pendant lights, under counter lighting and more!

Let Wildcat Electric help make your vision come to light!

Outlets & Switches

We can handle regular outlets, GFI's, outlets for EV Vehicles, and all types of switches.

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is designed to automatically shut an electrical circuit off in the event that it detects that the current is flowing along an unintended path. This design is mainly intended to give protection from electric shock, but GFCI outlets can also protect you from fire.


GFCIs are required in unfinished basements, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, outdoors, or anywhere the outlet is near a sink.


Our team of electricians at Wildcat Electric know how to install all types of devices correctly the first time, and test them to ensure that they are in working order for years of trouble=free operation.


Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated circuit is used by one appliance only. In other words, the circuit is not shared with any other devices or appliances.


Most major appliances such as washer/dryer, hot tub, large kitchen appliances etc. require a dedicated circuit for safety, protection and proper function.

When you overload the circuit it will “trip” the circuit breaker, which then stops the flow of electricity to the appliance.


A breaker can wear out and fail to trip after excess tripping.  If the breaker fails to trip, the electrical outlet can overheat leading to damage of your appliance or worse start an electrical fire. 

Let Wildcat Electric handle the complexities of dedicated circuits - that's what we do!


Did you know that installing ceiling fans throughout your home’s living spaces can help your air conditioner and furnace work more efficiently. This addition can lower your electricity use and, in turn, could save you money on your utility bills.

Our electricians have experience with a wide variety of ceiling fan & light types and styles, and can install a fixture that will give you the best balance between form and functionality.


Our professional ceiling fan installations will also ensure that your ceiling fan runs in a way designed to optimize energy efficiency and give your room the best air circulation possible.

We also install attic fans, kitchen exhaust fans, and bathroom fans.

Hot Tub Circuits

There are usually only two ways to connect a hot tub to power. The first is through a 120v connection that simply plugs into a wall outlet, and the second is through a 208/240v connection directly to your home’s central circuit breaker box.

The advantage of a plug-and-play spa is convenience: It can be placed anywhere there is a 20A outlet and it can simply be unplugged if moving the spa to a new location.

Those who use their hot tub often and in all types of temperature conditions will greatly appreciate the quick heating power direct wiring provides.


No matter which you choose, you can count on Wildcat Electric to make sure your spa wiring is safe and efficient.

Electrical Panels

Electrical panels are the heart of your electrical system, and the most important safety mechanism in your home.


Although they generally last for a minimum of 25 years, breaker panels occasionally need maintenance.. Loose connections, overloaded circuits, and the age of the panel can be items that need looked into.


Additionally, some older panel types no longer meet code requirements for today's electrical needs. 

If you want to add additional appliances or equipment and your panel is currently full, an upgrade may be necessary.

Wildcat Electric has the knowledge to help you with your electrical needs from the heart of your system down!

Whole House
Attic Fans

There are many benefits that whole house or attic fans bring to homeowners. Your house will feel up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer, and reduce AC usage in the summer, which in turn extends the life of the AC unit and lowers home cooling costs.

Wildcat Electric is an authorized installer for QuietCool Whole House Fans. Visit QuietCool today to learn more.

Another way to help reduce cooling needs is to install an attic fan. These fans force hot air out of the attic through existing vents in the roof, gable ends of the home, or soffit vents, cooling off the attic, which in turn helps keep the house cooler.



Remodels are a great way to personalize your home to fit your needs.


However, renovations can be costly, and it's important that you lay out your financial plan ahead of time. 


There are always wires that need to be moved, circuits that need to be added, issues with access, and the list goes on!

If you are ready to remodel your house, then let us handle the electrical portion for you.

Exterior Buildings

There are many questions to consider when planning power for an exterior building. For example: How will you use the space? What time of equipment do you have? Where will tie into existing power?

We can run power from your house panel for a variety of exterior structures including: hobby barns, sheds, horse barns, stock tank heaters, greenhouses, garages, and more!


Let us know what you are building and we can get power there. We can also wire the interiors of the structure to suit your needs!

Custom Homes

Here at Wildcat Electric, we believe the electrical portion of any house should be custom.


Track homes usually have the bare minimum of requirements based off of the National Electrical Code, and usually fall short of the customer's needs. 

We do not cut corners when we wire a home. You will not have breakers tripping due to an overloaded circuit, and you can have whatever you want where you want it! (within applicable codes)


 The wiring of your home should accommodate YOUR needs - not the other way around, while still meeting NEC requirements. 

If you are building your dream home, let us give you an estimate!